CDN1: A Cal/Val site for ESA satellites operational, in West Crete

A new research infrastructure, called CDN1, has been established for the calibration of satellite altimeters, mainly of the European Space Agency. It is set up at an elevation of 1100 m, in west Crete, Greece. The objective is to support the commissioning of Sentinel-3 Topography mission.

This Satellite Altimeter Calibration site has been operational as of 1-Sept-2015. The first satellite calibration took place on 2-Oct-2015 for the Jason-2 satellite (American/French mission).

 Its major instrument is the microwave transponder, manufactured by the Technical University of Crete, and characterized at the European Space Agency facilities in the Netherlands.



Conference Presentations, Journal Publications

Mertikas, S. P., A. Daskalakis, I. N. Tziavos,O. B. Andersen, G. Vergos, A. Tripolitsiotis, V. Zervakis, X. Frantzis, P. Partsinevelos (2012). "Altimetry, Bathymetry and Geoid variations at the Gavdos permanent Cal/Val...[more]

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Order Book of Proceedings for GGEO2008

To order the International Association of Geodesy Symposia Book of Proceedings please contact us. [more]

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Schedule of GGEO 2008 Symposium

The timetable of the GGEO 2008 Symposium has been published. More information is available at the Technical Program Section [more]

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Registration Forms for Social Events

The registration forms for the social events of the GGEO 2008 Symposium have been published. More information is available on the GGEO 2008 Social Events Page [more]

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More GGEO 2008 News

The Latest News page of the GGEO 2008 section has all the latest news about the symposium [more]

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Announcement of GGEO 2008

GGEO 2008 has been announced. Full announcement[more]

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Books from the Laboratory

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