Travel Award Procedures for Young Scientists

Travel awards are available for young scientists to enable them to attend the GGEO2008 Sysmposium.

All applications are governed by the IAG rules. Please see travel award document provided by the IAG Office for details.

Applications have to be send directly to the IAG Office by email iag<at>

Please make sure that all the necessary information is included in your application: age of the applicant, acceptance of the submitted paper, travel budget and sources of funding, letter(s) of support, etc.

It is generally understood that the travel grant does not cover all expenses, but it is a support to cover part of the expenses, i.e., the applicant has to prove other (or own) funds available.

The award will not be transferred to the applicant, but has to be paid by the GGEO2008 Symposium organizers at the meeting.