International Scientific Collaboration

In recent years the Laboratory has worked closely with colleagues at research institutes and universities, such as the following:

  • Joint Center for Erath Systems Technology (JCET), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA, for the establishment of permanent GPS arrays for monitoring tectonic motions of the earth’s surface, calibration of radar satellite altimeters, statistical data quality control, sea-level studies, climate changes, etc.
  • National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED), Tsukuba, Japan for quality control of GPS data, evaluation of GPS height data, forecasting of sudden changes in the GPS signal, with applications in earthquake studies, weather prediction, etc.
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia, for the quality control of the GPS measurements and the development of atmospheric and multipath error reduction algorithms in GPS signals.
  • Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH), Heraklion, Crete, Greece for positioning and mapping of archeological sites employing satellites systems and images.
  • Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Heraklion, Crete, Greece for deploying scientific and oceanographic instruments in the sea with the aid of satellite positioning systems and for sea level studies.
  • University of Calgary, Canada for the quality control of GPS measurements.
  • National Observatory of Athens, Greece for monitoring geodetic and geophysical parameters for the events related to the big tsounami occured in West Crete in 365 A.D.
  • The Austrian Academy of Sciences, Space Research Institute for the calibration of satellite radar altimeters.